Date posted: July 1, 2013

Solution enables peer-to-peer device communication between Rava-enabled touch screens and analog door stations while minimizing costs and infrastructure

IP audio and control specialist Barix, which in January announced its intent to support Crestron Rava SIP intercom and phone technology, today announces the availability of the Annuncicom 200-Rava — a unique, bidirectional IP audio interface for door stations that allows PTT (push-to-talk) intercom with Crestron Rava-enabled touch screens.  The Annuncicom joins an elite list of Crestron Connected devices embedded with Crestron control intelligence to enable native communication and seamless operation with Crestron control technologies.

Combine Crestron Rava-enabled touch screens with an analog door station and the Annuncicom 200-Rava for a complete residential, office and small business IP intercom solution.  The Barix Annuncicom 200-Rava device is built specifically for these environments, and includes specialized SIP firmware to simplify integration of Rava-enabled touch screens with analog devices, such as intercom panels.  The device also includes built-in amplification, reducing infrastructure at installation points and minimizing equipment costs.

Crestron Rava touch screens leverage SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to permit voice intercom, telephone and paging (point-to-point and group) among other applications.  The Barix device uniquely establishes compatibility between Rava-enabled touch screens and door stations without a central server. This allows customers to continue to use existing devices when upgrading to Rava touch screens, providing seamless IP to analog integration.

Systems integrators, meanwhile, eliminate the time and labor associated with configuring servers to enable SIP compatibility between Rava touch screens and connected devices.  Barix firmware allows these devices to discover each other on the network, making the Annuncicom 200-Rava the first Crestron-approved solution to offer such seamless peer-to-peer device connectivity.  The result is a reliable, SIP-compatible solution that effectively bridges analog and digital components within Rava environments.

The bidirectional, push-to-talk functionality offers an additional benefit in residential and commercial neighborhoods where street noise adversely affects door station communication.  This eliminates exterior noise when a homeowner or business employee is talking to an outside target, effectively enabling clearer communication between the two parties.

To learn more about the Annuncicom-200-Rava visit:

Date posted: April 2, 2013

New enhancements to radio broadcast, partyline intercom solutions enhance quality and streamline configuration

Barix comes to the 2013 NAB Show with new enhancements to its professional two-way IP audio solutions for broadcast radio and intercom, improving quality in sound and communications.  Barix also continues to simplify system setup for customers, eliminating traditional IP configuration processes to have customers streaming audio within minutes.

The company will show its Partyline Intercom solution at the 2013 NAB Show (April 8-11, Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth C144), highlighting open-channel communications across multiple parties without audio interference — especially ideal in fast-paced video production environments.  New enhancements eliminate the need to configure IP addresses and servers, stripping away the complexity often associated with multipoint IP audio system setup.

Barix will demonstrate how camera operators and other production personnel can use the compact Annuncicom PS1 on the move, utilizing a push-to-talk button with selectable audio channels to facilitate communications amongst directors and production personnel.

Radio Broadcast Solutions

Barix enhances its Exstreamer 500 bi-directional audio device at the 2013 NAB Show to improve audio quality and streaming flexibility.   The device now supports both constant and variable bitrate, with the former added to simplify streaming to Shoutcast and Icecast servers – pertinent for extending how broadcasters incorporate Barix IP audio solutions for live streaming and syndicated program distribution.  A new chip improves quality of the analog-to-digital conversion path to enhance professional broadcast sound.

The Exstreamer 500 is a multiprotocol encoder and decoder with balanced audio and professional I/O options for signal relay and control.  In broadcast, it is ideal for STL and remote contribution applications.  Broadcasters can simplify configuration using the Exstreamer 500 with the Barix Reflector Service, creating a complete streaming audio solution that replicates a received stream to an unlimited number of destinations through the public internet.  The Reflector Service is based on a simple server-client architecture that removes IP address, server and other configuration hassles.

Date posted: January 23, 2013

Barix is helping the parent company of a Maldives Islands resort boost property security through the power of IP audio.  The system, installed by Maldives-based systems integration firm EIT Private Limited, integrates two-way Audio over IP technology from Barix as part of an intrusion alarm solution for the business offices of Bandos Island Resort and Spa.  The complete solution also includes CCTV video and remote monitoring components.

EIT Private Limited installed a security system following recent burglaries at the resort’s headquarters, located in the 13-story Jazeera Building in the capital city of Male’.  The Barix solution employs two Annuncicom PS1 devices, with one at the main Jazeera Building control center and a second in a control center on resort grounds, where all remote monitoring takes place.  The PS1 enables a direct connection for intercom communications between the two control centers over an eight-mile (13-kilometer) distance.

The Jazeera Building in the Maldives capital of Male, where a PS1 is installed for point-to-point intercom connectivity with the Bandos Island Resort and Spa, where all monitoring takes place

EIT Private Limited Director Mohamed Afzal estimates that the Barix solution saved his customer five thousand dollars ($5,000) versus a legacy audio system, eliminating interference concerns in the process.  Long-distance audio is streamed between the two PS1 devices over a WiFi link from Ubiquiti Networks, costing far less than communicating by mobile phone or PSTN networks.

Ultimately, the Barix solution provides his customer with the high audio quality needed to reliably communicate and prevent theft today — and the flexibility to grow the system moving forward.

“Barix offers the best option today for a customized IP audio solution in security, with open software that allows us to integrate and customize their hardware,” said Afzal.  “Most vendors don’t provide that kind of flexibility.  In this case, Bandos Island Resort and Spa no longer have to depend on others or worry about the questionable reliability of SMS-based mobile communication to report security incidents.  The PS1 ensures that guards can better communicate (at no additional cost), and more effectively catch suspects during a forced entry or theft.”

Afzal added that Barix provides flexibility in audio streaming, allowing users to choose any type of format or compression depending on the customer’s network strength.

“Too many other products have fixed bit rates for audio, and in many cases the customer’s network cannot accommodate the bandwidth needed to handle the streams,” he said.  “Barix offers plenty of audio streaming options so that customers are not forced to invest in network upgrades or buy additional hardware.”

The configuration for the Bandos Island Resort and Spa system uses standard voice over IP (VoIP) protocols for communication between guards at two control centers.  SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) calls can be initiated to allow communication with multiple receiving devices.  Remote access control at the main office building entrance is also made possible with the Barix installation.

Afzal concluded that set up was extremely simple, with streaming enabled between the two PS1 devices within minutes of configuration.  “The PS1 devices detect each other over the network almost immediately once set up and powered on,” he said.

Date posted: January 21, 2013

Solution delivers first interface to enable peer-to-peer device communication between Rava-enabled touch screens and analog door stations

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, January 21, 2013 — IP audio and control specialist Barix is pleased to announce support of Crestron Rava SIP intercom and phone technology.  The Barix SIP firmware will simplify integration of Rava-enabled touch screens with analog devices, such as intercom panels, to enable peer-to-peer communication between devices without a central server.  This simplifies Voice over IP (VoIP) integration in residential and commercial deployments.

Barix Annuncicom two-way audio over IP devices offer one of two ways to bridge IP and analog systems for door stations in Crestron Rava environments

Crestron Rava touch screens leverage SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to permit voice intercom, telephone and paging (point-to-point and group) among other applications across the home, office or small business.  The inclusion of Barix firmware uniquely establishes compatibility between Rava-enabled touch screens and analog door stations.  This allows customers to continue to use existing analog installed devices when upgrading to Rava touch screens, providing seamless IP to analog integration.

Systems integrators, meanwhile, eliminate the time and labor associated with configuring servers to enable SIP compatibility between Rava touch screens and connected devices.  Barix firmware allows these devices to discover each other on the network, becoming the first Crestron-approved solution to offer such seamless peer-to-peer device connectivity.  The result is a reliable, SIP-compatible solution that effectively bridges analog and digital components within Rava environments.

“We’re thrilled to have Barix support our protocol because it bridges the gap between digital (SIP communication points) and analog door stations,” said Fred Bargetzi, Crestron VP of Technology.  “We see many homes with independent door station/intercom systems separate from the home automation system or homes with integrated page-all intercom systems when discrete peer-to-peer operation is more desirable.  With support of the Rava protocol, Barix now provides a retrofit solution that seamlessly communicates with the homeowner’s existing door station.”

The Barix solution can be deployed today by connecting a Barix Annuncicom IP two-way audio hardware device directly to a door station.  Crestron is also working with companies such as eHolovision, which manufactures a series of intercom entry panels for door stations.  Barix will soon add the same functionality to these and other third-party panels equipped with Barix IPAM Series modules.  This enables peer-to-peer SIP and Rava compatibility without additional hardware.

Both options also provide digital inputs and outputs for control options, such as activating door strikes.  The integration with Barix effectively turns a door station and a Crestron Home Control System into an integrated access control solution for the customer.

“Barix has previously worked with Crestron, developing an Annuncicom device version specifically for Crestron residential solutions.  That solution offered an IP interface for point-to-point, full-duplex audio distribution and control between analog and digital devices,” said Johannes G. Rietschel, CEO and founder of Barix AG.  “The new solution evolves the relationship, using Barix’s strong IP audio and control expertise to develop a unique solution that reduces infrastructure, simplifies installation and enhances communication across Rava environments.”

Date posted: November 6, 2012

ADTEC Communications builds innovative solution to enable more efficient recording and delivery of stock announcements to traders

The Australian Securities Exchange has simplified and enhanced the way it broadcasts stock information to subscribed traders, replacing an aging analog infrastructure with a new digital announcement system using Barix IP audio products.  The upgrade allows ASX Group, the overarching brand responsible for a diverse range of Australian business market service activities, to record and deliver stock announcements to more traders with better efficiency.

ASX Group has gradually transitioned its audio delivery infrastructure from expensive leased line and copper circuit connections to an IP streaming solution.  The initial phase added centralized streaming servers to deliver stock announcements to customer locations, where Barix Exstreamer 100 IP audio devices received and decoded announcements for traders.

The latest phase focuses on the central announcement system, replacing large, multi-seat analog announcement consoles with modern single-seat consoles to reduce system size and complexity.  ADTEC Communications, the console manufacturer and systems integrator, incorporated Barix Annuncicom 1000 IP audio devices for control and streaming functionality.

Supplied by Australian distributor Lan 1, the Barix offering simplifies the entire record and transmission process for stock announcements.  Foremost, it reduces the number of distinct audio destination channels from each ADTEC Communications console from twelve to two (one channel for internal and one for external destinations).   The Annuncicom 1000 also includes inputs and outputs to integrate with existing analog recorders and digital streaming servers — offering a clear path to a digital recording environment.

Australian Securities Exchange network administrators can control all Annuncicom 1000 record and transmission paths from the new consoles via an integrated, easy-to-use web panel.  This simplifies administration of the overall system, reducing labor and operational complexities associated with the previous system.

“Barix helped us develop a unique, custom audio solution that integrates existing technologies with cutting-edge digital solutions that ASX Group can use with efficiency today and expand moving forward,” said Jon Bolton, director, ADTEC Communications.  Bolton added that he is working with Barix to develop a multicast solution for ASX Group to expand network distribution capabilities moving forward — essentially allowing subscribers to “opt in” for specific announcements.

# # #

Date posted: October 30, 2012

Complete solution enables centralized remote control and monitoring for multiple store locations

Barix AG is helping Goodwill Industries of East Texas reduce theft and vandalism at its stores by adding voice to its existing video surveillance systems.  The security team reports a 99 percent donation retention since installing Barix two-way IP audio and monitoring solutions at three locations, with plans to roll out the technology across all 15 regional stores.

The non-profit stores provide low-cost, high-quality items to customers, and regularly accept donations at all locations.  The company has long used a closed-circuit television network to monitor and record visitors as they drop off donations at store exteriors  — and capture evidence of criminal activity.   They recently began looking at ways to communicate directly with visitors when necessary.

Since adding Barix IP audio to its surveillance system, Goodwill Industries of East Texas has significantly reduced theft at donation drop-offs – to the tune of a 99% retention rate.

“We have always done live video monitoring for after-hours donations at our stores, but have experienced a lot of theft over the past year,” said Chris Ryter, loss prevention and safety manager for Goodwill Industries of East Texas.  “I had this idea that the thefts would stop or subside if we could communicate with subjects, let them know they are being recorded, and warn them to leave the property before we call the police.  And we have had a significant reduction in theft and vandalism since adding Barix.”

Ryter was looking for an IP-based audio solution that could complement his CCTV system but operate independently with low overhead costs.  He also required a solution that offered centralized monitoring, simple installation and a quick learning curve with overall ease of use.  He opted for Barix Annuncicom 200 two-way IP audio devices for public address, and Barix ICGraph software for centralized remote device control and location monitoring.

Ryter noted that the Annuncicom 200 design simplifies installation through Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability, offering a single connection to a network switch and loudspeaker.  Furthermore, an integrated amplifier reduces equipment costs and infrastructure, with plenty of power to drive intelligible human voice at store exteriors.

But he stressed that ICGraph was the key driver of the system, offering a series of 36 customizable buttons that allow security personnel to target announcements to one or more locations with a simple mouse click.

Chris Ryter (at left) and staff report that the audio element puts the “scare” into would-be thieves.

“We have spent about a quarter of a million on video equipment, and while it has given us a good return the addition of Annuncicom and ICGraph has changed the game,” said Ryter.  “Letting people know that there is someone on the other end of these cameras and monitoring the situation makes all the difference.  Barix was also the only company that could offer us an audio solution that wouldn’t interfere with our video system, or otherwise cost us additional money for rental and monitoring fees.  We’re saving at least $30,000 in comparison to other solutions we looked at, and based on early success we estimate a potential savings of $16,000 a week by stopping the nighttime donation theft at our stores.”

Ryter confirms that he has been “greenlighted” to expand the solution to all 15 stores, and potentially to administration and warehouse buildings as needed.  He is also looking into how to utilize the return channel of the Annuncicom 200 for audio recording in compliance with federal laws.

“Barix specializes in bringing the ‘ears’ and the ‘mouth’ to go with the ‘eyes’ in professional surveillance solutions,” said Johannes G. Rietschel, CEO and founder of Barix AG.  “Barix is capable of directly integrating audio capabilities into video systems, or providing low-cost solutions for customers like Goodwill Industries of East Texas that wish to use audio solutions autonomously.  The common goal is helping our customers better communicate with subjects, from general public address and intercom capability to reducing or eliminating criminal activity through alarms and verbal warnings.”

Date posted: September 18, 2012

Powerful solution incorporates more than 400 Barix Annuncicom two-way audio devices to enable programmed recordings, live announcements and intercom functionality on trains

Barix AG, a leading supplier of IP-based audio transmission and control technology, is using this year’s InnoTrans (September 18-21, Berlin Exhibition Centre, Stand 4.1/224) to highlight a prestigious Brazilian transportation project of its Swiss customer Ortics GmbH that includes more than 400 Barix Annuncicom two-way IP audio components.

Ortics, together with a European partner, is supplying a key part of the new passenger information system for Metro trains in São Paulo, Brazil.  Opened in 1974, the São Paulo Metro operates five lines with 64 stations, with an overall length of about 45 miles — including some underground sections.

The modernization project, being realized by a Brazilian consortium, has begun and is set for completion in 2014.  Ortics is outfitting 25 trains, each comprising six carriages, with modern voice communication, software and vehicle diagnostics systems.   The project includes 16 Barix Annuncicom 155 units and two Annuncicom VME cards installed on every train.

The Barix Annuncicom 155 is specially designed for two-way audio on trains and other harsh environments.

The Annuncicom 155 is a robust device for VoIP, intercom and IP-paging that Barix has specially developed for everyday operation in trains, buses, ships and other harsh environments.  Its deployment in the São Paulo Metro enables train drivers to initiate manual and automated announcements, and communicate with passengers via emergency intercom points.

The Annuncicom VME is an Annuncicom variant available in a card format for 19-inch VME (Virtual Machine Environment) racks, deployed by Ortics as an interface module with digital and analog signals for local amplifiers.

Lorenz Trachsel, CEO of Ortics GmbH, said that Barix components are an ideal complement to his passenger information systems.  Amongst the benefits of the Barix solutions for Trachsel are custom programmability, enabling perfect alignment to customer requirements, prioritization of safety-relevant announcements, and integrated functions for line monitoring.

“Following very positive experiences with the integration capabilities, functionality and reliability of Barix products, it stood to reason that we should once again opt for the members of the Annuncicom family for the current project in Brazil,” said Trachsel.

Date posted: September 4, 2012

Demonstration to emphasize significance of audio integration into IP video systems for life safety and security

Barix AG, a pioneer in IP-based audio, intercom, control, and monitoring, will exhibit at ASIS International (September 10-13, Philadelphia Convention Center) for the first time – bringing its range of IP audio and control solutions to the professional security end user.

Barix will exhibit within the Milestone Systems booth (#3126), underlining the increasing significance of audio in surveillance operations, and the importance of improving audio quality and flexibility of distribution for live paging and public address.

“Security professionals have realized that video is no longer enough,” said Johannes G. Rietschel, CEO and founder of Barix AG.  “Human beings have ears and a mouth to go with the eyes, and there is a clear advantage when all three of these senses are used in surveillance and other security-related applications.  The ability to cleanly integrate high-quality audio and video over a common IP network delivers cost savings and greatly simplifies installation for the user.”

Many video-centric security industry vendors have already integrated Barix audio over IP into their solutions, including industry leaders such as Milestone Systems.  Milestone integrates Barix Exstreamer one-way and Annuncicom two-way IP audio devices into Milestone XProtect IP video management software to support paging and public address (one-way); and audio surveillance and intercom (two-way).  Milestone also supports Barix Barionet IP control devices within its XProtect software to bridge physical device and software layers, effectively triggering camera movements and activating video recording based on motion, lights, doorbells and other events.

The low-cost Barix Annuncicom 60 two-way audio device for surveillance, public address and intercom among other applications.

Barix will show its latest IP audio and control devices on the Milestone booth, including the Annuncicom 60 introduced this June and being shown to security audiences for the first time.  The Annuncicom 60 is a low-cost IP audio device that serves as a gateway between VoIP, IP paging and intercom systems, and traditional components including call boxes, loudspeakers and microphones.  The device offers plenty of flexibility, with operators able to issue verbal warnings or instructions to people under surveillance; or to communicate with callers at an SOS help point, for example.

Barix will also demonstrate how its latest Exstreamer audio output devices with Power over Ethernet (PoE) and built-in amplification can help end users consolidate and minimize technology components at end points — simplifying infrastructure and reducing deployment costs while offering very high audio quality for voice clarity.

Marcel van der Meijs, vice president of sales and marketing for Barix, will offer a presentation on Barix integration to XProtect at 11am, Wednesday, September 12 at the Milestone booth.  Attendees will learn how IP audio can help security personnel more effectively draw attention to criminals, monitor activity and communicate, reliably trigger video recordings and alarms, and even deliver background music over the same network — with priority interruptions for page messages, warnings and security announcements.

“There is no limit to the benefits that audio can bring to video-centric security systems,” said van der Meijs.  “The ability to talk back to a location in a city surveillance project, for example, can easily prevent a crime from taking place.  And the ability to trigger lights and video in dark areas based on audio events can offer security personnel a clear picture into what is happening.  Meanwhile, gunshots, screams and other emergency situations captured by these devices can automatically trigger alarms for immediate attention from monitoring centers.  These are all important benefits that can make a real difference.”


Date posted: June 7, 2012

New low-cost, reliable VoIP and IP Audio devices optimize features and functionality  for universal applications

Barix has successfully marketed its two-way Annuncicom IP audio and SIP/VoIP devices around the world, bringing bidirectional audio streaming and control solutions to various markets within the commercial, entertainment, private sector and residential worlds.

Barix now builds on that success with the introduction of two new Annuncicom devices at InfoComm 2012 (June 13-15, Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth C11722) that are priced to compete in large-volume projects and applications.

The new Annuncicom 50 is built specifically for OEM applications.  Barix is now shipping to OEM partners, including a key player in the education and classroom automation market.  The device delivers Barix’s trademark rock-solid reliability, open standards design and multi-format audio capability at a very low cost for OEM customers.

The Annuncicom 60 is roughly 40 percent the size of existing Annuncicom devices — already renowned for the compact footprint they offter to systems integrators and end users.

Furthermore, Barix breaks new ground with the Annuncicom 60, a universal, programmable and ultra-compact device that offers the industry’s lowest cost today for reliable IP encoding and decoding.  The small form factor is roughly 40 percent the size of existing Annuncicom devices, which are already renowned for offering a compact footprint to systems integrators and end users.

In simple terms, the Annuncicom 60 is an ideal single-zone paging interface device that can decode VoIP codecs as well as MP3, AACplus and PCM audio.  Its inclusion of a built-in speaker amplifier, balanced line output and microphone interfaces, serial and contact closure control interfaces, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) support is unique to the market — delivering universal functionality at a competitive price.

“The Annuncicom 60 brings full-fledged functionality for low-cost paging and intercom while providing the high audio quality and format flexibility required for background music systems,” said Johannes G. Rietschel, CEO and founder of Barix AG.  “With advanced capabilities like built-in, efficient amplification and PoE support to simplify installation, the Annuncicom 60 is ideally positioned to support the continuously growing number of IP Audio applications.”

The Annuncicom 60 enables striking cost and technical advantages for applications suited for many markets:

  • Reduces cost of entry for Barix IP intercom applications by at least 25 percent
  • Reduces high quality microphone encoder costs by at least 25 percent, whether for technical or security-related audio surveillance; or classroom lecture audio capture
  • VoIP and MP3/AACplus audio decoding capabilities enable merging of paging and background music applications
  • Lowest cost balanced output audio decoder solution for “mono” output applications (paging gateways, AM radio stations, etc.)

The Annuncicom 60 is also the lowest priced IP audio product from Barix to feature a symmetric output, making it suitable for in-store audio and general audio distribution applications requiring a 600-ohm balanced output.  The 5W amplifier, when combined with an efficient 8-Ohm speaker, provides enough power for a typical room, hallway, lobby or classroom — making it ideal for single room paging zones and audio “help points” in retail stores and visitor attractions, for example.

Date posted: March 6, 2012

Barix is coming to the 2012 NAB Show (April 16-19, Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth C1139) with new Audio over IP broadcast solutions — including its first two-way audio application for the TV and video production space.

Barix is well-known in radio broadcast, with reputable IP audio solutions for studio-to-transmitter links, remote broadcast and syndicated program distribution.   The company offers two-way IP audio devices for intercom, audio surveillance, confidence monitoring and more in a variety of markets.

Camera operators can add a belt clip to the PS1 for attachment to cables while in production

At NAB, Barix will introduce its new Annuncicom PS1 Paging Station to North American audiences.  The Annuncicom PS1 doubles as an IP paging and intercom device, with a simple and compact design ideal for use in fast-paced video production environments.  A push-to-talk button allows technical directors to facilitate camera movements and communicate with production personnel while remaining mobile.  Cameramen can mount a simple belt clip to the back of the device for on-cable attachments.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability allows studio and production personnel to move around the studio with freedom, using a single-wire, high-bandwidth IP connection.

“Cameramen are basically ‘tied’ to their cameras, so the idea of a plug-and-play IP intercom solution that begins operating upon connection can open up many new freedoms for production personnel,” said Johannes G. Rietschel, CEO and founder of Barix AG.  “Production studios — television, radio or otherwise — can use existing IP infrastructure for intercom audio instead of RF technologies that can cause interference.  This also replaces the need for bulky legacy solutions that require special cables and cannot re-use existing signal paths.  The ‘partyline’ approach also means that everyone involved in the shoot has the same priority to talk on the same channel, further simplifying communications.”

The Annuncicom PS1 design features well-illuminated, highly responsive front panel buttons for easy push-to-talk functionality.  It is operable with one hand, and the familiar surface means personnel can use it without looking at the device.  A built-in speaker, headphone jack and volume control brings everything into a single compact package.   With wall-mount and desktop mounting options, the built-in features also make the PS1 suitable as a facility-wide paging device and door intercom solution.

The PS1 is also useful as a confidence monitoring tool, especially in radio broadcast applications.  The PS1 supports MP3 and AACplus audio decoding, allowing users to toggle through audio channels to confirm audio presence and quality in live broadcast environments.

Barix will also introduce the Exstreamer 105, its latest-generation IP audio decoding device for radio broadcast environments.  The Exstreamer 105 retains all the high-quality features of its predecessor, the Exstreamer 100, while adding a MicroSD slot to the front panel for a sleeker design and enhanced content protection.  This is particularly useful in broadcast operations where the device is streaming content direct-to-air, including small studios, unmanned operations and in-store networks.

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