Date posted: August 20, 2014

New software solution broadens scope for innovative Super Ticker solutions, covering all operations from call letter stations to large multichannel networks

CAMBRIDGE, ON, Canada, August 20, 2014BL Super Ticker, the robust content management and playout solution from Bannister Lake, has long been a leading choice for lightning-fast delivery of on-air graphics and data in Canada.  Bannister Lake is now bringing the workflow experience of Super Ticker to a wider North American audience with BL Super Ticker Solo, a full version of the tried-and-true software in a single-channel only configuration.  BL Super Ticker Solo reduces the hardware but retains its predecessor’s powerful feature set.

An example of data output across on-air graphics via Bannister Lake’s Super Ticker Solo

The streamlined Super Ticker Solo boils down the multichannel approach for call letter stations and other single-channel TV operations.  While the original Super Ticker architecture networks a master server with multiple, and sometimes geographically distributed players, Super Ticker Solo localizes the creative power and data-flow flexibility within a compact, single-box solution—lowering the cost of entry for local TV stations, cable access channels and small broadcast networks.  Super Ticker Solo also keeps the clean, intuitive interface to maintain ease of use, as well as limitless output and independent content zones for a high-quality, engaging and professional on-air look that plays out across many consumer devices.

“Super Ticker Solo eliminates the server overhead of Super Ticker that, while very affordable for multichannel applications, is impractical for smaller broadcast and cable stations that don’t require more than one channel,” said Georg Hentsch, president, Bannister Lake.  “Super Ticker Solo reduces the footprint to a 3RU chassis that is simple to integrate.  Yet, it leverages the same powerful software to creatively and reliably produce, manage and playout anything from simple news tickers and lower-third data crawls; to active, dynamic graphics and animations across multiple screen zones.”

Call letter stations can still benefit from the multi-user capability that differentiates Super Ticker from competitive systems, allowing many operators to use Super Ticker Solo across the workflow for separate graphics creation and content management functions.  Production teams benefit from a similar blend of creativity and management through an ability to combine original editorial content with automated data retrieval.  This operational freedom enables users to reliably automate playout of up-to-date news feeds, stock tickers, sports scores, weather conditions and more, while mixing in unique branded content customized for specific viewing audiences—such as revenue-generating sponsor messages.

Collectively, Super Ticker and Super Ticker Solo cover the gamut from the most modest broadcast operations to the largest networks, with both versions able to dynamically scale output using a time-based, automated rundown; or enable users to manually shift gears to very specifically address quickly changing program needs.

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Date posted: August 6, 2014

New BL Brando 2.0 software enhances how broadcasters create, schedule and manage branding elements for single and multichannel playout architectures

CAMBRIDGE, ON, Canada, August 6, 2014 — Graphics automation specialist Bannister Lake has released the second generation of BL Brando, a data-rich, web-based software solution that simplifies how broadcasters dynamically incorporate and continuously update bugs, promos, snipes, sponsor messages, social media hashtags, and other branding elements within one or more program streams.

As the market leading solution in Canada, Brando has enhanced how the largest Canadian broadcasters create, schedule and manage unique branding content for multiple channels.  The second-generation Brando release extends its reach across the workflow—including tighter integration with traffic and automation systems—and adds an alternate version tailored for single-channel operations.  Called BL Brando Solo, this single-box solution includes all the power of Brando while reducing the cost and infrastructure for U.S. call letter stations and TV operations that only require branding for one channel.

The second-generation of BL Brando includes two versions: one for larger broadcast networks, and a second lighter version, BL Brando Solo, for single-channel TV operations

Importantly, the new single and multi-channel configurations both retain the trademark ease of use that differentiates the initial Brando release from competitive automated branding solutions. This covers everything from graphics design, data integration and scheduling triggers to more advanced workflow-centric applications, such as direct support for editing resources; and reconciliation of content and scheduling changes between graphics and master control.  The latter feature, which automates publishing of such changes across the workflow, is especially useful for branding elements like sponsor messages and cross-channel promotions that are associated with monetization.

“Many graphics automation solutions, particularly for branding, require that end users communicate changes to the supplier in order to accommodate updates and expansions, increasing costs and implementation times,” said Georg Hentsch, president, Bannister Lake.  “Brando eliminates that complexity at the end user level by integrating tools that simplify how end users can make adjustments as branding requirements evolve.  This ensures that our customers can optimize their branding workflows for ongoing use without hindering progress or affecting the bottom line.”

As with the initial Brando release, the new version also supports an unlimited number of graphic designers and production schedulers depending on operational needs. Web-based content authoring tools also enable multiplatform, web-based content authoring for users across fixed and mobile devices, including traditional desktop workstations, laptops and tablets.  This ensures that users can flexibly schedule content months in advance, or make on-the-fly changes up until moments before airtime.

A complete list of new Brando features for the second-generation release can be found at:

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Date posted: June 25, 2014

Astucemedia contributes custom graphics and data services to a massive LED HD video board built by Panasonic for Texas Motor Speedway  

Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company enlisted the help of Astucemedia—a Montreal-based provider of live broadcast graphics services with an office in Dubai, UAE—to provide visually rich graphics design with real-time data integration services to Big Hoss TV.

Recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s largest high-definition LED video board, Big Hoss TV enhances the fan experience for those attending NASCAR and other motor sports events at the Texas Motor Speedway in Dallas.

The colossal screen—which measures 218 feet wide by 94.5 feet high—delivers spectacular broadcast-quality coverage of racing events as they take place, including field interviews with drivers and their pit crews, 1080p HD camera footage, instant replays of high-speed race action and interactive features and games for the fans at Texas Motor Speedway. The big board also displays live tweets and visually stunning real-time graphics depicting the drivers’ MPH, RPMs, speed, leaderboards and other vital racing stats.

Big Hoss TV is also the first instance where uncompressed 4K-resolution video renders directly out of a Viz Engine—Vizrt’s 3D live graphics/video compositing rendering engine—to the HD LED display. The HD LED drivers extract a 3K center-cut from the 4K Vizrt video output to generate an impactful display without quality compromise. This installation also utilized another Vizrt live graphics system—the Viz Trio CG—that complements the Viz Engine for rendering. The solution is controlled by Panasonic’s exclusive new stadium controller designed for complete Vizrt Integration.

Texas Motor Speedway commissioned Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company—a division of Panasonic Corporation of North America—to build the colossal Big Hoss TV display. Panasonic also provided systems integration services for a high-end in-stadium production control room used to produce Big Hoss TV shows that rival what viewers expect from major broadcast sports networks.

When Panasonic asked Astucemedia to contribute its unique broadcast graphics expertise to the project, Astucemedia delivered a custom, turnkey solution spanning graphics design and creation to real-time data integration.

Astucemedia also provided on-site services at Texas Motor Speedway when Big Hoss TV was unveiled in early April 2014 during a double-header of two high-profile NASCAR races: the Nationwide Series O’Reilly Auto Parts 300 and the Sprint Cup Series Duck Commander 500, and in June for another high-profile double-header: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series WinStar World Casino & Resort 400 and the Verizon IndyCar Series Firestone 600.

For the Big Hoss TV graphics workflow, Astucemedia provided a solution that leveraged elements of its unique Data Platform. Four (4) high-frequency live data feeds from NASCAR Scoring & Timing, Sportvision, IndyCar and SMT (Cosworth Live-To-Air) were captured to create a real-time “blended feed” REST API. The real-time data, including race statistics and car telemetry such as MPH, RPM, GPS and track temperatures, was easily embedded into the graphics scenes using Astucemedia’s Vizrt plug-ins. Viz Trio operation was performed via a custom GUI template that uses a push-button interface as well as a responsive HTML5 app that was used to monitor data, trigger graphics and switch between feed providers.

“We were delighted to work with Astucemedia on Big Hoss TV and their unique technical expertise in the broadcast graphics arena proved very valuable to this project,” said Michael Rocha, director of content solutions for Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company.

“Astucemedia took on this challenge with enthusiasm, a positive attitude and a spirit of cooperation,” Rocha said. “From the start of the project, it was clear that they fully understood our needs, and dovetailed with our team in a very proactive and responsive way.”

And according to Thomas Desmeules, director of research and development for Astucemedia, “We really enjoyed our close working relationship with Panasonic and the opportunity to make a creative and technical contribution to the project. We appreciated their trust in us and our ability to make all the graphics pieces fit together for Big Hoss TV.”

About Astucemedia

Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Astucemedia is a full-service systems integrator specializing in the design and implementation of interactive broadcast graphics, real-time data integration, custom applications, as well as on-site training and technical support.  Astucemedia clients include:  ABC and ABC News, MTV, Abu Dhabi TV, Al-Jazeera, MBC Al-Arabiya, SaudiTV, BahrainTV, Fox Sports, CBS, TF1, TSR, Bloomberg, NDTV, Global News, and many more. Astucemedia opened an office in Dubai to better support broadcasters in The Middle East. For more information, please visit our website at

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Date posted: June 3, 2014

BL Elector helps broadcasters like Shaw Media strategize news coverage throughout the election lifecycle

On June 12, Bannister Lake will enable Canadian broadcast and cable networks in Ontario, including Shaw Media’s Global Toronto, to deliver real-time, on-air results from the 41st Provincial Election with BL Elector, a unique software-based solution that intelligently manages the constant flow of voting data reported on live television.

At its core, BL Elector is a web-based, database-driven content management solution that maximizes flow for on-air production staff, allowing multiple operators to populate data from many election feeds within on-air graphics. For election night coverage, BL Elector excels in delivering up-to-date information to viewers in a visually appealing manner, while giving talent, producers and administrators easy access to a wealth of candidate and election information.

However, for broadcasters like Global Toronto, the value of BL Elector extends well beyond driving data and graphics for election night results.

“Too many election products only focus on election night events, but BL Elector is a go-to source for data aggregation throughout election season,” said Gerry Belec, director, technology and design for Global News, Shaw Media. “For the past several weeks, we’ve built an election bible with extensive detail on candidates and ridings using BL Elector, while pulling forward past election information to use as historical and comparison data. Post-election, we can call up statistics and use them to build analysis.  And on election night, we can pump live, up-to-the-minute data right into the broadcast and website.”

Reliable and easy to use, BL Elector seamlessly automates up-to-date election information as votes are tallied and reported – pulling feeds from any available election source. Direct integration with graphics systems ensures clean layouts of real-time, BL Elector-driven data for pre-designed templates across multiple screen zones. Graphics playlists can be organized into unlimited groups of regions, ridings, parties, charts and maps. In larger elections, operators can break down data from many regions into smaller subsets, enhancing the local element for viewers following county-by-county races, for example.

For customers like Shaw Media—which uses BL Elector across all of its TV stations and its website—the solution provides richer benefits through its blending of automated and manually entered content. This enables operators to innovate custom editorial, highlighting detail around live polling, close races, landslides, major swings and other electoral riding developments.

“You have to be prepared with content to put the election into context,” said Belec.  “If one candidate is well ahead, we can easily pull up a bio and find out everything there is to know about the candidate in the system.  As live data comes in, we can highlight how that candidate is performing against the competitor.  BL Elector helps us automate as much of the process as possible while giving us freedom to drive our editorial.”

Belec adds that Bannister Lake’s multiplatform approach ensures that BL Elector centrally drives all data for on-air, web and mobile targets—as well as virtual sets inside the studio—to maximize efficiency across the production workflow.  He points to constant evolution of the software as an additional benefit, noting a just-added rehearsal tool that allows production staff to simulate and prepare for various outcome scenarios.

“For more than a decade, BL Elector has been the leading choice for bilingual (English and French) on-air election results for federal, provincial and municipal elections across Canada, giving broadcasters a competitive edge in strategizing election coverage,” said Georg Hentsch, president, Bannister Lake.  “It is ideally suited for today’s broadcast and cable networks, reliably filtering, finding and reporting data across non-stop, high-pressure on-air scenarios.  Most importantly, it gives our customers like Shaw Media the control to highlight races and election data that is relevant to their viewers.”

Date posted: May 1, 2014

Bannister Lake introduces dedicated software application for GV Director, amplifying graphics workflow capabilities for live sports production

Bannister Lake announces the release of BL Score Bug for the GV Director Nonlinear Live Production System from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand.  This new version of Bannister Lake’s Score Bug software was custom written specifically for GV Director to enhance its sports graphics environment—accelerating time-to-air with visually engaging, data-rich score bugs that keep fans in the game. BL Score Bug is a real-time scoring and game status display system designed for live sports broadcasts.

GV Director emphasizes creativity and smart workflows, integrating video switching, multi-layer effects, animated graphics and more into a single, compact solution.  BL Score Bug for GV Director reliably pulls live game data from industry-leading scoreboard controllers like Daktronics, Whiteways, and OES combining the data with the output of a sport-specific graphical user interface (GUI), and using that data to drive GV Director’s professional, animated graphics.

BL Score Bug software can be purchased and downloaded from the Bannister Lake website.  Once installed on a Windows PC, a simple configuration screen provides connectivity to the supported scoreboard controllers and control over the graphic elements distributed with GV Director.

“We are excited to partner with Bannister Lake on this customized tool for GV Director.  This adds yet another feature to our already rich set of live production tools within GV Director. BL Score Bug provides operators with the ability to keep up with the fast pace on game day for sports events of any size or type. Ultimately, this broadens the breadth and depth of GV Director for our customers,” said Mike Cronk, senior vice president of strategic marketing, Grass Valley.

BL Score Bug will seamlessly integrate across the GV Director workflow to further simplify and empower live production operations.  The company has also developed special graphic templates to correlate with various score bug configurations—giving everyone in live production (teams, broadcasters, venues, mobile trucks) a cost-efficient, all-in-one score bug solution for any sport.

Georg Hentsch, president, Bannister Lake, notes that GV Director operators are accustomed to flexible workflows—making Bannister Lake’s open, easy-to-use score bug software a perfect fit.

“BL Score Bug is a proven solution for sports broadcasters at every level from high school teams to professional teams,” said Hentsch.  “The integration with GV Director adds to the growing desire for data-rich score bug capability to an already feature-rich and powerful live production system.”


Date posted: April 1, 2014

Complete solution supports lightning-fast live graphics production on a laptop

Bannister Lake will demonstrate an out-of-the-box portable score bug solution at the 2014 NAB Show (Las Vegas Convention Center, April 7-10) that accelerates time to air for live sports graphics production.  Developed to work with AJA Video Systems’ edit products, the complete solution gives broadcasters and mobile production truck operators an affordable, portable turnkey system to produce visually engaging score bugs as part of a comprehensive sports graphics workflow.

At NAB 2014, Bannister Lake will demonstrate the complete workflow at the AJA booth (SL2505), featuring Bannister Lake’s BL Score Bug Go software and the AJA Io XT, a compact I/O device that accommodates graphics playout from a Thunderbolt™ enabled laptop.  The low-cost package offers an equally powerful alternative to traditional, expensive and non-portable score bug systems.

The Score Bug Go solution incorporates compact AJA I/O hardware to enhance portability for sports graphics production

BL Score Bug Go supports HD-SDI output of scoring and game status, interfacing with Whiteway, Daktronics and OES scoreboard controllers to automate game-related data in real time across the graphics workflow.  The AJA Io XT brings additional power through its high-speed, high-bandwidth Thunderbolt™ connection, providing output of high-quality graphics and score bugs for live broadcasts and in-venue productions.  The ultra-compact form factor of the AJA Io XT enhances overall portability, allowing users to quickly set up and operate the system from any location.

The combination of Bannister Lake’s software and AJA’s hardware also gives customers the freedom to use the internal downstream keyer or an external production switcher based upon workflow preferences.  Both linear keying options enhance the visual appeal of score bugs by enabling transparency along edges and other graphic design elements.  This gives customers complete control over the on-air look of score bug graphics, along with remarkable ease of use.

“The Bannister Lake and AJA Video Systems solution gives broadcasters and truck operators a no-compromise solution for portable sports graphics,” said Georg Hentsch, president, Bannister Lake.  “As with all our BL Score Bug products, this solution is designed for professional, collegiate and amateur sport leagues but provides the added benefit of an all-in-one package that gives operators the flexibility to achieve lightning-fast, broadcast-quality and data-rich sports graphics on the move.”

Date posted: March 6, 2014

Astucemedia implements graphics workflow that promotes distinctive network look and cross-promotion across channels  

Astucemedia — a Montreal-based provider of live broadcast graphics services with an office in Dubai, UAE — managed critical elements of a massive rebranding campaign for Helsinki, Finland-based media group MTV Network (which is not related to any music television network). The goal of the rebranding campaign was to unify its 12-channels—including MTV3, AVA, SUB, Sport1, Sport2, and MAX — into a distinctive, cohesive network group.

In addition to providing a workflow for delivering live broadcast graphics and templates to air, Astucemedia’s rebranding efforts also give MTV Network an easy, automated way to cross promote programming on its related channels to keep viewers tuned to MTV Network media properties. Rather than managing each channel as an independent silo, MTV Network now takes a more efficient network approach to media sales, advertising, and promotions across all of its channels.

London-based DixonBaxi handled the design for the rebranding project, which was a year in the making in close collaboration with MTV Network’s promotions and design teams. Astucemedia joined the project prior to the launch to implement the designs and integrate the workflow in a way that met all of the automation and scheduling requirements.

“Audience management is one of the most exciting and critical objectives of our massive channel rebranding and relaunch campaign,” said Tuomo Kulomaa, head of promotion for MTV Network. “The beauty of the Astucemedia installation is that it automates the delivery of channel branding elements to air and the cross promotion of our programming network-wide, while giving us the flexibility to capitalize on last-minute commercial or promotional opportunities as they arise.”

MTV Network also based its choice of Astucemedia on the success of its AVA rebranding campaign, which Astucemedia handled for them one year ago when MTV Network acquired the free-to-air lifestyle channel. With this November 2013 rebranding campaign, MTV Network positioned all of its channels under one network umbrella: MTV3, its flagship commercial TV channel, AVA, and SUB, a trendy, free-to-air channel, as well as its 9 pay-tv channels — now branded as a new package called mtv TOTAL — including Sport 1, Sport 2, and MAX.

“After one year of preparation—including graphics, rebranding and template design—MTV Network successfully relaunched all of its channels on November 3, 2013. The changeover, which took place in just one day, transformed everything in the company including live news graphics, studio sets, printed logos, websites, promos, nationwide advertising, and on-air broadcast looks,” said Thomas Desmeules, director of research and development for Astucemedia as well as on-site project manager for the MTV Network rebranding campaign.

“One of the biggest technical challenges was the execution of Network Space, a core creative concept that is central to this rebranding campaign,” Desmeules said. “To generate this Network Space concept convincingly, Astucemedia developed a complex set of scenes using Orad 3Designer as well as a schedule-driven logic interface within the Orad 3DPlay control software. With this approach, all of the graphics automatically adapt to the branding and colour schemes of the channel, allowing master-control operations to be streamlined by using the same set of graphics and templates on each channel’s Orad HDVG+.”

The Network Space is a visual presentation that each MTV Network channel uses for end-credit squeezes and other pullback scenarios. This common theme across the channels serves as a platform to manage the audience based on real-time scheduling data and promotions requirements. Audience management is via 4 demographic groups (women, men, teens and general), and viewers are prompted to change the channel to a complimentary program within the MTV network. The Network Space also serves as a platform to insert customized advertising across all channels.

Flexibility for the scheduling and promotions department was imperative.  A single control interface drives channel-branding elements for 6 MTV channels in an automated, template-based process. On-screen elements dynamically adapt to programming content, adjusting logos, colors and camera movements where applicable.

“On the creative side, we needed to implement the proposed branding designs in a way to maximize play-out efficiency and adaptability, and on the technical side, we needed to develop run-time logic to integrate custom data, like audience demographics and traffic scheduling data, into live channel branding presentations,” Desmeules said. “This enables cross channel promotions to drive viewers in a particular demographic to other MTV Network shows of interest to them.”

“We chose Astucemedia for this highly complex live channel branding mission because they already possess the exceptional, specialized skills necessary to carry out this project in an efficient, cost-effective way,” said MTV Network’s Kulomaa. “Their unique technical expertise also encompasses the ability to integrate advanced graphics workflows with third-party traffic and automation systems to produce a seamless, operator-friendly, end to end workflow that we can build on for years to come.”

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Date posted: January 16, 2014

BL Score Bug Go delivers portable and affordable score bug graphics when space and budgets are tight

Bannister Lake announces the immediate availability of BL Score Bug Go, a compact, cost-effective, lightweight professional score bug solution for live broadcast sports and in-house venue stadium, arena, and park production.  This uncompromising carry-on package provides support for HD-SDI output of real-time scoring and game status, helping production teams generate high quality turnkey score bug graphics from a portable system at a fraction of the price.

This turnkey solution packs exceptional power given its compact laptop-sized form factor featuring Bannister Lake’s scoring and game status solution and a sophisticated graphics and animations engine.  A Thunderbolt™-enabled laptop bundled with an AJA Io XT external video interface device offers:

  • Full uncompressed HD and SD 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 capable video capture and playback
  • Built-in support for HD clips and audio
  • Switchable reference and LTC inputs and outputs

BL Auto Pilot™ support additionally provides direct data connectivity to arena scoreboard controllers and radar guns for instantaneous and automated game data.

Bannister Lake’s sport-centric interface turns operators into power users. Operator hot keys offer instant in-game access to score, sponsor, and clock updates, and game exceptions and infractions such as penalties, flags, and substitutions.

“The Score Bug Go solution is the right score bug solution at the right price,” stated Georg Hentsch, President of Bannister Lake. “Between its full HD SDI key and fill and the solution’s $15K price tag, every broadcaster and venue can be a major league player with stunning, cutting-edge score bug output.”

BL Score Bug Go is available and shipping now through Bannister Lake as well as authorized resellers.

Date posted: November 21, 2013

BL Snow Day offers a simple, cost-effective way to generate and deliver school and community notices across many systems and devices

Bannister Lake announces the availability of BL Snow Day, a new cost-effective school closures and local community events solution for broadcasters, schools, municipalities and digital signage networks.

BL Snow Day’s simplified web-based workflow provides an unlimited number of content moderators the ability to pre-schedule content for future play out and set automatic story expiration. Automation and editorial tools enable staff to manage community events, local news stories, images, and video content and organize it into reusable topics and playlists ready for broadcast.

In broadcast, BL Snow Day helps local TV stations generate and broadcast real-time critical school closures and bus cancellations or delays due to inclement weather on any platform, including digital signage, web, and mobile.   BL Snow Day also provides a simple toolset for on-campus information, allowing K-12 schools and universities to share early dismissal details across campus TV systems and digital signage networks.

Additionally, municipalities can use BL Snow Day to broadcast school closing and community event information across town hall systems, and offer it as a shared resource for the entire community.  This allows local broadcasters, schools, and fire and police departments to centrally access and use the system.

Above all, BL Snow Day is quick to deploy, providing end users and systems integrators with an uncomplicated platform that is simple to install and easy to learn.  Any system that can read an RSS, XML, ODBC, or JSON feed can immediately integrate BL Snow Day output, which gets new customers up and running quickly.

“Your school closure solution shouldn’t be complicated to install, integrate or operate when you’re looking to share local information with your viewers quickly and efficiently,” stated Pete Challinger, VP U.S. Business Development at Bannister Lake. “BL Snow Day is easy to integrate and easy to learn. It eliminates your manual copy and paste workflows, and it offers good value for call letter stations, schools and government agencies looking to add closure coverage or update their existing systems.”

BL Snow Day is available as an enterprise server 1RU chassis solution, a secure cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, and a lightweight, solid-state, portable Nano turnkey solution that fits in the palm of the hand.

Date posted: November 5, 2013

Astucemedia plays a key role in launching FUSION, ABC/Univision’s new TV/digital network

Astucemedia—a Montreal-based provider of live broadcast graphics products and services with staff in USA, Europe and an office in Dubai, UAE—integrated a live news graphics workflow at the Miami network operations center for the new TV/digital network FUSION.

FUSION is a news, pop culture and satire TV/digital network that aims to engage and champion a young, diverse, and inclusive America with a unique mix of smart and irreverent original reporting, lifestyle, and comedic content. Fusion is a joint venture between Univision Communications Inc. and the Disney/ABC Television Network. Fusion launched in millions of households nationwide on October 28, 2013.

An overhead view of the FUSION Network media facility

“Since this target audience is relatively young and tech savvy, the challenge is to present graphics displays that compare favorably with the online news and social media outlets younger viewers frequent,” said Alexandre Leclerc, Chief Executive Officer of Astucemedia, in Montreal, Canada. “While FUSION successfully created a distinctive, contemporary brand identity for the innovative channel, Astucemedia brought those graphics to life by creating a live template-based workflow that would be intuitive and user-friendly for producers, journalists, and other newsroom staff.”

“It was exciting to be part of such an ambitious, groundbreaking project,” Leclerc added. “Presenting a completely different, youthful brand image required that we take a completely novel approach to building the graphics and transitions. Everything needed to be designed and executed in a fresh, bold new way so FUSION would immediately distinguish itself from the more conservative, established broadcast and cable news fare.”

In the months leading up to the FUSION launch, Astucemedia dedicated a six-member technical team to solving such mission critical challenges as integrating a Vizrt graphics system automated by Ross OverDrive system, providing operational support, and laying a foundation that can facilitate future growth and expansion.

Astucemedia’s creative and technical services focused on delivering live graphics for five FUSION shows, including The Morning Show, America with Jorge Ramos, Open Source, D.N.A., and AM Tonight. Fusion’s news division shares some newsgathering resources and program segments with Noticias Univision and ABC News.

“FUSION was tasked with the audacious goal of trying to re-invent TV news for a generation that primarily gets its news from the Internet,” said Michael Berkman, vice president, creative director of FUSION. “We tried very hard to bend the rules of communicating vital on-screen information in a relevant, new way. We worked with a design firm to create an overall brand. The hard part was to translate that into a practical news package that appeared to be unlike any other.”

“Astucemedia came to Miami to work with us to create comprehensive systems for five brand new shows that our young staffers were able to learn quickly,” Berkman continued. “But as anyone in this business knows, the trick isn’t just to deliver what’s asked for, but to deal with issues that will inevitably arise with so many shows still in development. Astucemedia made rapid adjustments, additions, and suggestions that maintained our network and show branding. FUSION simply wouldn’t have been able to achieve such an ambitious launch without our partnership with Astucemedia.”

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