Date posted: February 23, 2015

SelfiLogin™ solution is first to run 3D facial modelling through standard smartphones, accelerating authentication processes for consumers

OneVisage®, the Swiss start-up developing disruptive digital identity solutions for financial services, e-commerce and mobile operators, is leveraging the power and penetration of the consumer smartphone to significantly reduce identify theft in the global civilian population – and regain lost revenue streams for its customers.  At the upcoming Mobile World Congress, OneVisage® will unveil its SelfiLogin™ service, the world’s first 3D facial authentication solution to operate on standard smartphones.

SelfiLogin™ shatters the complex and time-consuming two-step authentication processes that cause transaction cancellations – and lost revenue – for many businesses globally.  Using SelfiLogin’s accelerated authentication platform, financial services and e-commerce businesses now have a simpler and safer way to authenticate their customers – and significantly, a mobile platform that proves particularly attractive to younger demographics.

The use of security tokens results in transaction abandonments exceeding 30 percent – a tremendous amount of lost revenue for any business,” said Christophe Remillet, Chief Technology Officer, OneVisage. “A sizeable amount of these abandonments represent security concerns emphasized by Generation Z, spanning the ages of 16 to 24.  Studies prove that 75 percent of Generation Z is willing to use biometric security solutions like SelfiLogin instead of passwords or pins for authentication, making this a perfect technology to reserve momentum, and lost revenue streams, back toward the right direction.

According to recent reports, identity theft costs for businesses have skyrocketed past the $200 million mark worldwide. SelfiLogin™ digital authentication solution combats these challenges by significantly helping financial services, e-commerce and mobile operators reduce identity theft issues, while improving consumer confidence and preserving operational costs.

We recognize the growing concern regarding identity theft issues and consumer data privacy. Today, there isn’t a single week in the news where a company hasn’t been victim of criminals grabbing thousands or millions of user credentials. Our patent pending and breakthrough technology on consumer smartphones or tablets is disruptive and unique, providing stronger security, better usability and data privacy.” said Remillet.

In addition to the general financial, operational and security benefits of SelfiLogin™, the world’s first 3D facial authentication solution for standard smartphones opens new business opportunities and use cases never before explored. For example, digital private bank customers can now pass orders by phone and validate transactions in tens of seconds instead of tens of minutes, with a fully automatic process.

OneVisage® will exhibit SelfiLogin™ solution at Mobile World Congress 2015 – Hall 8.1 – Stand G58 (Swiss Pavilion) with the support of the Swiss Commission for Technology & Innovation and Alp-ICT. To set up an appointment, please send an email at or call us: +41 21 566 70 55

A special “FinTech – Pitch & Beer Session” will be held on Monday, March 2 @ 5:00 pm. Come and attend our pitch at the Swiss Pavilion, Hall 8.1 – stand G58.

For general information inquiries, please send an email at




Date posted: January 29, 2015

Board-level module gives manufacturers, systems integrator a flexible foundation for Audio over IP product design

IP audio and control specialist Barix has long had a strong OEM business, with the company’s IPAM module series at the core of tens of thousands of devices deployed worldwide today.  At ISE 2015, Barix will exhibit its latest module, the IPAM302, for vendors and systems integrators seeking cost-efficient, openly programmable modules to build their own IP audio products—as well as for companies interested in private-label products manufactured by Barix.

The recently introduced IPAM302 is more compact and uses less expensive connectors than previous generation IPAM modules, further reducing the price of an already low-cost series. Most importantly, the IPAM302 is forward compatible for the next generation of IPAM modules, ensuring that OEMs can freely build a product today and easily replace the module in the field moving forward.

The IPAM302 allows Barix OEM partners to build Audio over IP products at a low cost today, and seamlessly upgrade to next-generation modules in the field

“Our OEM business accounts for nearly 25 percent of our business, and is among the primary reasons why Barix is considered a visionary in IP audio and control,” said Frank Frederiksen, managing director, Barix. “We remain dedicated to working with companies who need the freedom and flexibility to build their own solutions using Barix’s open programming environment, along with the reliability that our core technology delivers across security, transportation and professional AV applications.”

The IPAM302 is the board-level technology at the core of Barix’s latest-generation Instreamer IP encoders and Annuncicom two-way audio devices.  The board design includes one serial port and four I/O connections, which OEMs can map to relay closures and other devices such as an amplifier, IP speaker or door station to enable SIP intercom. Barix IPAM modules are especially popular for vendors and integrators building products for residential spaces, K-12 schools and university campuses, and fire safety and evacuation systems. Additionally, IPAM modules are at the heart of numerous OEM products for transportation, both on-board trains for paging and intercom; and inside stations for platform announcements.

Visitors to ISE 2015 can learn more about the capabilities of the IPAM302 at the Barix stand (Hall 8, 8-M245) in the RAI Conference Center, February 10-12.

Date posted: November 21, 2014

Second-generation solution further reduces cost and complexity of analog to IP transition

mobiDEOS has upgraded its all-in-one UCNE surveillance solution to feature an ONVIF-compatible video encoding platform, ensuring greater interoperability across connected products conforming to the open standards protocol.  UCNE, an acronym for Universal Cloud and Network Enabler, first debuted in July 2014 as a cost-efficient solution to transition analog security systems to IP and cloud infrastructures.  ONVIF is an open industry forum promoting and developing global standards for interfaces of IP-based physical security products.

The second generation mobiDEOS UCNE release accelerates the transition to IP and cloud-based architectures by supporting low-cost integration of analog DVRs from any vendor; and seamless integration across the security ecosystem, including cameras, VMS systems, access control systems, video analytics and other key components of traditional CCTV.  Setup and configuration is extremely simple, supporting automatic retrofits to existing systems while intuitively identifying and connecting components as surveillance networks grow.

Basing the latest UCNE generation on ONVIF standards further speeds the process, removing incompatibility hurdles for systems integrators.  Since UCNE’s platform is fully automated, end users benefit from a simpler, easy-to-manage system architecture, centralized content, reduced maintenance and lower staffing costs.  For example, recorded clips tied to motion alerts can be automatically replicated anywhere in the network or on the cloud, providing automatic redundancy.

Integrators and end users—from large enterprises to small businesses—both share a common cost reduction benefit upon migration, as UCNE slashes the costs of IP and cloud transitions by up to 75 percent.

“UCNE’s business model transitions 1,000 cameras to the network, while competitive systems will only transition 250 cameras at the same price,” said Sri L. Palasamudram, chief executive officer (CEO), mobiDEOS.  “This removes a great deal of concern for businesses constrained by budgets when planning transitions.  UCNE’s value proposition speeds the overall transitional process by enabling affordable investments, allowing businesses to enjoy the rewards of implementing IP and cloud-based surveillance across the network infrastructure quickly and seamlessly.”

Facilities can also connect analog cameras with built-in network and IP capabilities to the UCNE platform.  By leveraging existing analog camera infrastructure in all or parts of a facility, end customers can additionally eradicate equipment and labor costs associated with IP camera upgrades.

mobiDEOS will announce a series of technology partnerships in the coming months to demonstrate the extent of UCNE’s open integration, including leading video management software (VMS) platforms, central station software, video analytics and video wall platforms.  While UCNE support transitions at a lower total cost of ownership, its rock-solid technical design reliably supports live and recorded video playback, redundant cloud-based storage, and real-time alerting tied to video loss and motion detection among other critical applications.

“UCNE offers an unrivaled value proposition for both integrator and end customer. It makes it easier for the integrator to build and customize complete systems while saving money for the end customer,” said Palasamudram, adding that the platform is highly scalable to ensure seamless integration of new components, systems and applications as surveillance requirements evolve.

UCNE is available and shipping now.  For more information, please contact 408-716-8347, e-mail or visit and for technology partnerships please contact

Date posted: September 9, 2014

SureView Systems announces they have successfully integrated the mobiDEOS UCNE range of cloud- and network-enabled surveillance systems into Immix, the company’s video based automation software.  Immix® delivers a single platform to manage video surveillance/CCTV, intrusion and fire alarms, access control, and VoIP audio.

The mobiDEOS UCNE system enables legacy CCTV systems to be quickly and simply connected through the device and onto Immix for remote monitoring across many locations to a central monitoring interface. Central stations now have the ability to offer a consistent service to their dealers or end-customers regardless of the equipment onsite.

Immix® meets this challenge by integrating more than 450 different types of DVR, VMS and IP cameras into the single platform. By developing a partnership with SureView Immix®, mobiDEOS can deliver almost any legacy video system through their UCNE to an Immix central station for remote monitoring. This cutting-edge integration takes full advantage of the transitional feature set in the UCNE solution and has the technical backing and support of both organizations.

“With Immix and mobiDEOS UCNE integration, central station customers can obtain the benefits of cloud and IP without having to forklift their current installations, which also can extend the life of their equipment,” said Sri L. Palasamudram, CEO of mobiDEOS.  “New customer acquisition becomes easier for the central station’s dealers and integrators as UCNE is compatible with analog cameras at fraction of the cost of alternative route, thus increasing the addressable market. UCNE also frees customers from the proprietary traps of closed systems, carving a pathway to an open system architecture that will accelerate a clean and affordable transition to IP systems.”

“mobiDEOS UCNE offers central stations a new way to easily connect Immix to legacy analogue equipment. By using the mobiDEOS UCNE solution and Immix, the central station can now offer customers a cost effective and easy way to provide sites with analogue camera equipment and the latest range of next-generation video monitoring services,” said Craig Evans, Managing Director of SureView Systems Ltd.

# # #

Date posted: August 13, 2014

Mobile surveillance pioneer innovates new solution that Cloud/IP-enables any analog DVR, regardless of make or model

mobiDEOS Inc. introduces an all-in-one surveillance solution for mobile and web remote monitoring that cloud- and network-enables any DVR on the market, allowing customers to extend the lifetime of analog surveillance systems while planting the seeds for a complete cloud and IP transition.

The new hardware and software solution accelerates how enterprises, government agencies and other businesses and organizations transition to IP by transforming any analog DVR—regardless of make or model—into an open, multiplatform solution for remote monitoring on mobile devices and on the web.  UCNE’s transitional, full-featured platform additionally incorporates live video playback, recorded video clips connected to motion detection and alerts, and redundant cloud-based storage.

UCNE—an acronym for Universal Cloud and Network Enabler—also extends beyond the DVR, supporting motion detection, video loss and video blind alerts across CCTV systems—even if the original CCTV system lacks these features.

“UCNE allows our customers to enjoy the convenience of remote viewing on mobile devices from legacy DVRs, even if those DVRs don’t technically support it in their standard feature sets,” said Sri L. Palasamudrum, CEO of mobiDEOS.  “UCNE customers are assured their content from any DVR is optimized for live, recorded and alert-based video clips for remote viewing, while opening up new efficiencies and opportunities created by moving to cloud network architectures.”

Importantly, mobiDEOS’ open-systems approach helps customers protect their investments in analog surveillance equipment through interoperability with UCNE, while eliminating proprietary traps that lock customers into specific systems.  Customers further benefit from quick setup, bandwidth optimization and multiplexing of many streams, allowing for a larger number of concurrent connections and ongoing ease of integration.

UCNE’s multiplatform approach was born out of mobiDEOS’ popular award-winning MobileCamViewer software for mobile remote monitoring.  UCNE incorporates many of the key benefits of MobileCamViewer, such as cloud architecture scalability, bandwidth optimization via intelligent edge processing, and multi-stream support via its efficient multiplexing capabilities.  UCNE is available and shipping.

For more information, please contact 408-716-8347, e-mail or visit

Date posted: March 13, 2014

Out-of-the-box solution integrates fixed and mobile paging over the IP network

Barix will show ISC West attendees “Simple Paging,” its groundbreaking new out-of-the-box solution for marrying fixed and mobile paging over the IP network.  Simple Paging reproduces live announcements from a desk or on the move with absolute clarity, giving security professionals an intelligible and flexible emergency response tool in their pockets courtesy of a free Barix mobile app.

The all-in-one solution offers simple deployment for new and existing buildings, eliminating complex setup processes traditionally associated with IP systems.  Multiple paging groups can be set up in as little as 10 minutes, with no need for in-depth IT knowledge; tags are easily associated with paging zones to establish groups.  High-quality IP voice paging announcements can be made from paging stations, tablets and smartphones without further configuration once power, the network and loudspeakers are connected.

The Annuncicom PS1 can act as the master paging station for the Barix Simple Paging solution. Compact and feature-rich, it is one element of a system that also allows users to page from their mobile devices.

Barix will demonstrate how end users and integrators can quickly launch and use the complete solution at ISC West, taking place April 2-4 at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas (Booth 31099).  The demonstration will show how visitors can make live, clear voice announcements from a smartphone using the free Simple Paging mobile app, available for download in App Stores.

“Audio over IP has entered the mainstream, and Barix delivers solutions that end users and integrators can launch, use and scale without difficulty,” said Ronni Guggenheim, CEO, Barix.  “For security professionals, the ease of use and increased mobility from our free Simple Paging app greatly improves efficiency.  Simple Paging gives security professionals a way to make on-the-spot public address announcements with up-to-the-minute information, along with flexible targeting to deliver the right messages to the right places.  This on-location capability empowers security professionals, allowing them to be far more effective.”

Simple Paging offers a cost-effective solution to specify IP-based paging into new builds, or replace failing legacy solutions.  A single deployment brings legacy PA systems into the digital age, while protecting existing technology investments and adding new capabilities.  In addition to mobile integration, flexible targeting allows security professionals to direct announcements to specific devices, zones and buildings.  Furthermore, Simple Paging connects disparate PA systems on large campuses onto a single network to ensure a unified message.

A typical Simple Paging solution features a Barix Annuncicom PS16 master paging station and Barix Exstreamer IP decoders at end points, along with the Barix Simple Paging mobile app.  Barix’s trademark high audio quality ensures clear messaging across the network regardless of the speaker’s location.

Date posted: February 26, 2014

Outreach ministry informs guests and staff with clarity and consistency across multiple zones

The Washington Family Ranch in rural central Oregon had a problem last summer:  With 400 youth guests per week, the Young Life-owned ministry camp’s expensive, network-based paging system was failing.  Receivers were transmitting live pages in a staggered manner, creating unintelligible messages — along with guest confusion and complaints.

Based on the suggestion of audio engineer/integrator Alan Stricklin, Washington Family Ranch installed a multipoint Barix IP Paging system this off-season.  The system is fully tested and ready for the upcoming 13-week season, and delivering punch and clarity at all playout points thanks to low latency and exceptional audio quality.

Compact and easy to use, the Barix Annuncicom PS1 master paging station will help Washington Family Ranch staff communicate campus-wide over IP with punch and clarity.

“Our previous system was billed as Hi-Fi, but it was very hard to understand the messages with the various amps and receivers responding at different times,” said Andrew Pratt, guest services manager at Washington Family Ranch.  “This past year we just turned the amps off, which left us exposed on the liability side.  We were limited in how to alert our guests if something were to happen.”

Enter Barix courtesy of Stricklin, who also uses Barix solutions at Minnesota Public Radio.  The complete solution gives Pratt and his staff a compact, easy-to-use master paging station in the main office that connects over the network to playout points in high-traffic locations.  Pages are streamed live to Barix IP audio decoders at these locations, which prepare and deliver the messages over loudspeakers.

The result is clear messages for guests and staff in four dormitories, the main activity center, campus store, snack bar, dining hall, kitchen and main reception building.  Pratt notes this is especially important in the event of a dangerous weather or a security situation, given the camp’s rural location.

“The intelligibility is exceptional and all our speakers are firing at the same time,” said Pratt.  “We’re confident that wherever guests are standing that they will clearly hear the announcements, instead of trying to translate the messages.”

In addition to quality, Pratt cites low cost and simplicity as major benefits of the Barix IP Paging solution.

“This operates like a set it and forget it system, and I’m excited that it requires minimal management,” said Pratt.  “We believe it will be the kind of system where we train people to use it at the beginning of the summer, and that’s it.  The low cost of the system makes it seem as though we will absolutely get our money’s worth.”

The complete Barix IP Paging solution installed at Washington Family Ranch includes an Annuncicom PS1 master paging station, and Barix Exstreamer 205 IP audio decoders at playout points — the latter of which include built-in amplifiers to reduce costs and infrastructure.  Looking forward, Pratt expects to take advantage of Barix scalability by adding more playout points via additional Exstreamers, and exploring multicast delivery — a Barix specialty — to minimize network bandwidth.

Date posted: November 14, 2013

New role puts focus on IP solutions development and company operations

IP audio and control specialist Barix has promoted Frank Frederiksen to COO following a successful 15 months as Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategy.  His promotion, effective immediately, represents part of the strategic process at Barix to build a strong management team that will lead the company to new growth.  He reports directly to Barix CEO Ronni Guggenheim.

Since coming to Barix, Frank has focused on enhancing the user experience for customers through streamlined solutions that simplify ease of use and installation.  He oversaw the development and rollout of Barix’s recently-introduced IP Paging ecosystem, which eliminates complex configuration processes in favor of a plug-and-play solution where Barix devices self-configure automatically.

Frank will continue to oversee product management at Barix while working to enhance company operations, with an emphasis on improved logistics, manufacturing and fulfillment to more effectively meet customer demand.  As a result, he expects Barix to strengthen its focus on complete solutions and better vertical integration.

“IP streaming has entered the mainstream, and many of our customers need more than capable hardware devices; they need a complementary environment around those devices to control, manage and monitor their entire systems,” said Frederiksen.  “We have simplified interfaces and improved ease of use over the past year so that our customers don’t need to be IT experts.  And there are exciting developments on the horizon that will better position Barix as a complete IP solutions provider.”

Barix’s global product management and logistics/fulfillment teams will report to Frank, and he expects to leverage this opportunity to build a more flexible production environment.  “I look forward to establishing a stronger link between defining products and bringing them to market,” he said.  “The combination of overseeing products and production responsibilities is a good basis for driving operations and budget.”

Date posted: September 26, 2013

Seasoned executive makes worldwide company growth a priority

IP audio and control specialist Barix ushers in a new era with the appointment of Ronni Guggenheim as CEO.  Based in Zurich, Mr. Guggenheim takes the reins on October 1 — and he has big plans for the company.

“Barix has a stellar reputation as an IP technology pioneer and a very solid technology core, the majority of which is hardware-driven,” said Guggenheim.  “We have an opportunity to increase market share by building a broader ecosystem with a stronger software focus.”

Guggenheim certainly understands technology, with recent leadership roles at Minicom Digital Signage and ComQi, a leading global digital signage technology supplier.  The latter company formed through a merger between Minicom Digital Signage and EnQii, an effort which Guggenheim drove and executed.  He brings additional leadership experience to Barix as former managing partner and CEO of neXius AG, where he drove strategy development and execution for hardware and software technology companies.

Guggenheim will leverage his proven leadership skills and business sense, along with a history of sales and marketing expertise, to take Barix to the next level — an exciting proposition for Barix founder Johannes G. Rietschel.

Rietschel has served as CEO of Barix since its inception in 2001, and will remain with the company as executive chairman and CTO.  This will allow him to focus on his visionary and technology development skills as he relinquishes the daily operations and business strategy to Mr. Guggenheim.

“Barix has achieved excellent growth for 12 years, but we have reached a size where we need different entrepreneurial skillsets,” said Rietschel.  “I will remain involved in the overall company vision but am getting back to focusing on technology, and ensuring we have the best to offer for our customers.  Ronni brings the experience we need to build stronger sales channels and strategic focus worldwide.  And I will work with him to guarantee greater acceleration of Barix’s success.”

Guggenheim’s digital signage experience is an ideal complement to Barix’s strategy in the retail and business space, where the company has a strong reputation and global customer base for in-store audio solutions.  Guggenheim will bring an overall stronger vertical focus to the company, which also supplies technology solutions to the broadcast, security, entertainment and professional AV/installation markets.  He will also further invest in relationships with existing OEM and channel partnerships, while paving the way for new alliances.

“At Barix, we have a well-developed, well-defined and established company that will break through to a new phase of revenue growth by building on the successes of our existing team — a team we will continue to rely on heavily,” he said.  “We’ll quickly bring better clarity to our vertical and geographical focus, and we expect exponential development of the company as a result.”

Date posted: July 23, 2013

Bannister Lake announces the release of BL Alert Tracker — a dynamic emergency notification system that offers an affordable alert management solution for live television broadcasts, second screen displays, digital signage installations, as well as mobile and web platforms.

BL Alert Tracker gives broadcasters, digital signage network operators and more a dynamic and affordable emergency notification system.

BL Alert Tracker offers complete control and flexibility over a variety of alerts, including EAS, AMBER alerts, weather, news, and other event and information notifications. The web-based content management interface combines automated data retrieval with manual text insertion and supports the inclusion of images. All alerts automatically expire after a period of time to ensure accurate, timely information distribution.

In an emergency, broadcasters, government offices, schools, and interest groups have only a few minutes to share emergency messaging with the public. “BL Alert Tracker’s simplified interface can group alerts by topic or location,” stated Georg Hentsch, president of Bannister Lake. “The solution is powerful enough to include in-line modification and spell checking tools, smart enough to prevent stale messaging, and streamlined enough to make the alert creation process simple. It’s the perfect set and forget solution.”

Visit Bannister Lake online:

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