Date posted: November 21, 2014

Second-generation solution further reduces cost and complexity of analog to IP transition

mobiDEOS has upgraded its all-in-one UCNE surveillance solution to feature an ONVIF-compatible video encoding platform, ensuring greater interoperability across connected products conforming to the open standards protocol.  UCNE, an acronym for Universal Cloud and Network Enabler, first debuted in July 2014 as a cost-efficient solution to transition analog security systems to IP and cloud infrastructures.  ONVIF is an open industry forum promoting and developing global standards for interfaces of IP-based physical security products.

The second generation mobiDEOS UCNE release accelerates the transition to IP and cloud-based architectures by supporting low-cost integration of analog DVRs from any vendor; and seamless integration across the security ecosystem, including cameras, VMS systems, access control systems, video analytics and other key components of traditional CCTV.  Setup and configuration is extremely simple, supporting automatic retrofits to existing systems while intuitively identifying and connecting components as surveillance networks grow.

Basing the latest UCNE generation on ONVIF standards further speeds the process, removing incompatibility hurdles for systems integrators.  Since UCNE’s platform is fully automated, end users benefit from a simpler, easy-to-manage system architecture, centralized content, reduced maintenance and lower staffing costs.  For example, recorded clips tied to motion alerts can be automatically replicated anywhere in the network or on the cloud, providing automatic redundancy.

Integrators and end users—from large enterprises to small businesses—both share a common cost reduction benefit upon migration, as UCNE slashes the costs of IP and cloud transitions by up to 75 percent.

“UCNE’s business model transitions 1,000 cameras to the network, while competitive systems will only transition 250 cameras at the same price,” said Sri L. Palasamudram, chief executive officer (CEO), mobiDEOS.  “This removes a great deal of concern for businesses constrained by budgets when planning transitions.  UCNE’s value proposition speeds the overall transitional process by enabling affordable investments, allowing businesses to enjoy the rewards of implementing IP and cloud-based surveillance across the network infrastructure quickly and seamlessly.”

Facilities can also connect analog cameras with built-in network and IP capabilities to the UCNE platform.  By leveraging existing analog camera infrastructure in all or parts of a facility, end customers can additionally eradicate equipment and labor costs associated with IP camera upgrades.

mobiDEOS will announce a series of technology partnerships in the coming months to demonstrate the extent of UCNE’s open integration, including leading video management software (VMS) platforms, central station software, video analytics and video wall platforms.  While UCNE support transitions at a lower total cost of ownership, its rock-solid technical design reliably supports live and recorded video playback, redundant cloud-based storage, and real-time alerting tied to video loss and motion detection among other critical applications.

“UCNE offers an unrivaled value proposition for both integrator and end customer. It makes it easier for the integrator to build and customize complete systems while saving money for the end customer,” said Palasamudram, adding that the platform is highly scalable to ensure seamless integration of new components, systems and applications as surveillance requirements evolve.

UCNE is available and shipping now.  For more information, please contact 408-716-8347, e-mail or visit and for technology partnerships please contact

Date posted: September 9, 2014

SureView Systems announces they have successfully integrated the mobiDEOS UCNE range of cloud- and network-enabled surveillance systems into Immix, the company’s video based automation software.  Immix® delivers a single platform to manage video surveillance/CCTV, intrusion and fire alarms, access control, and VoIP audio.

The mobiDEOS UCNE system enables legacy CCTV systems to be quickly and simply connected through the device and onto Immix for remote monitoring across many locations to a central monitoring interface. Central stations now have the ability to offer a consistent service to their dealers or end-customers regardless of the equipment onsite.

Immix® meets this challenge by integrating more than 450 different types of DVR, VMS and IP cameras into the single platform. By developing a partnership with SureView Immix®, mobiDEOS can deliver almost any legacy video system through their UCNE to an Immix central station for remote monitoring. This cutting-edge integration takes full advantage of the transitional feature set in the UCNE solution and has the technical backing and support of both organizations.

“With Immix and mobiDEOS UCNE integration, central station customers can obtain the benefits of cloud and IP without having to forklift their current installations, which also can extend the life of their equipment,” said Sri L. Palasamudram, CEO of mobiDEOS.  “New customer acquisition becomes easier for the central station’s dealers and integrators as UCNE is compatible with analog cameras at fraction of the cost of alternative route, thus increasing the addressable market. UCNE also frees customers from the proprietary traps of closed systems, carving a pathway to an open system architecture that will accelerate a clean and affordable transition to IP systems.”

“mobiDEOS UCNE offers central stations a new way to easily connect Immix to legacy analogue equipment. By using the mobiDEOS UCNE solution and Immix, the central station can now offer customers a cost effective and easy way to provide sites with analogue camera equipment and the latest range of next-generation video monitoring services,” said Craig Evans, Managing Director of SureView Systems Ltd.

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Date posted: August 13, 2014

Mobile surveillance pioneer innovates new solution that Cloud/IP-enables any analog DVR, regardless of make or model

mobiDEOS Inc. introduces an all-in-one surveillance solution for mobile and web remote monitoring that cloud- and network-enables any DVR on the market, allowing customers to extend the lifetime of analog surveillance systems while planting the seeds for a complete cloud and IP transition.

The new hardware and software solution accelerates how enterprises, government agencies and other businesses and organizations transition to IP by transforming any analog DVR—regardless of make or model—into an open, multiplatform solution for remote monitoring on mobile devices and on the web.  UCNE’s transitional, full-featured platform additionally incorporates live video playback, recorded video clips connected to motion detection and alerts, and redundant cloud-based storage.

UCNE—an acronym for Universal Cloud and Network Enabler—also extends beyond the DVR, supporting motion detection, video loss and video blind alerts across CCTV systems—even if the original CCTV system lacks these features.

“UCNE allows our customers to enjoy the convenience of remote viewing on mobile devices from legacy DVRs, even if those DVRs don’t technically support it in their standard feature sets,” said Sri L. Palasamudrum, CEO of mobiDEOS.  “UCNE customers are assured their content from any DVR is optimized for live, recorded and alert-based video clips for remote viewing, while opening up new efficiencies and opportunities created by moving to cloud network architectures.”

Importantly, mobiDEOS’ open-systems approach helps customers protect their investments in analog surveillance equipment through interoperability with UCNE, while eliminating proprietary traps that lock customers into specific systems.  Customers further benefit from quick setup, bandwidth optimization and multiplexing of many streams, allowing for a larger number of concurrent connections and ongoing ease of integration.

UCNE’s multiplatform approach was born out of mobiDEOS’ popular award-winning MobileCamViewer software for mobile remote monitoring.  UCNE incorporates many of the key benefits of MobileCamViewer, such as cloud architecture scalability, bandwidth optimization via intelligent edge processing, and multi-stream support via its efficient multiplexing capabilities.  UCNE is available and shipping.

For more information, please contact 408-716-8347, e-mail or visit

Date posted: January 23, 2013

Barix is helping the parent company of a Maldives Islands resort boost property security through the power of IP audio.  The system, installed by Maldives-based systems integration firm EIT Private Limited, integrates two-way Audio over IP technology from Barix as part of an intrusion alarm solution for the business offices of Bandos Island Resort and Spa.  The complete solution also includes CCTV video and remote monitoring components.

EIT Private Limited installed a security system following recent burglaries at the resort’s headquarters, located in the 13-story Jazeera Building in the capital city of Male’.  The Barix solution employs two Annuncicom PS1 devices, with one at the main Jazeera Building control center and a second in a control center on resort grounds, where all remote monitoring takes place.  The PS1 enables a direct connection for intercom communications between the two control centers over an eight-mile (13-kilometer) distance.

The Jazeera Building in the Maldives capital of Male, where a PS1 is installed for point-to-point intercom connectivity with the Bandos Island Resort and Spa, where all monitoring takes place

EIT Private Limited Director Mohamed Afzal estimates that the Barix solution saved his customer five thousand dollars ($5,000) versus a legacy audio system, eliminating interference concerns in the process.  Long-distance audio is streamed between the two PS1 devices over a WiFi link from Ubiquiti Networks, costing far less than communicating by mobile phone or PSTN networks.

Ultimately, the Barix solution provides his customer with the high audio quality needed to reliably communicate and prevent theft today — and the flexibility to grow the system moving forward.

“Barix offers the best option today for a customized IP audio solution in security, with open software that allows us to integrate and customize their hardware,” said Afzal.  “Most vendors don’t provide that kind of flexibility.  In this case, Bandos Island Resort and Spa no longer have to depend on others or worry about the questionable reliability of SMS-based mobile communication to report security incidents.  The PS1 ensures that guards can better communicate (at no additional cost), and more effectively catch suspects during a forced entry or theft.”

Afzal added that Barix provides flexibility in audio streaming, allowing users to choose any type of format or compression depending on the customer’s network strength.

“Too many other products have fixed bit rates for audio, and in many cases the customer’s network cannot accommodate the bandwidth needed to handle the streams,” he said.  “Barix offers plenty of audio streaming options so that customers are not forced to invest in network upgrades or buy additional hardware.”

The configuration for the Bandos Island Resort and Spa system uses standard voice over IP (VoIP) protocols for communication between guards at two control centers.  SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) calls can be initiated to allow communication with multiple receiving devices.  Remote access control at the main office building entrance is also made possible with the Barix installation.

Afzal concluded that set up was extremely simple, with streaming enabled between the two PS1 devices within minutes of configuration.  “The PS1 devices detect each other over the network almost immediately once set up and powered on,” he said.

Date posted: December 17, 2012

MobileCamViewer makes Security Sales and Integration’s annual Top 30 Technology Innovations list; publication cites expansion to budget tablets as forward leap for mobile surveillance affordability

 Leading video surveillance and remote monitoring company mobiDEOS Inc. is among the companies to make Security Sales and Integration’s annual Top 30 Technology Innovations list, a notable achievement in an industry rampant with new, innovative and progressive hardware and software solutions.

Columnist Paul Boucherle selected the MobileCamViewer mobile surveillance application as one of his 15 picks, noting that mobiDEOS is helping to “expand the deployment of remote viewing video” by bringing the application to less expensive mobile devices.  Already available for the iPad and Android tablets, the company announced the availability of MobileCamViewer on Kindle Fire and NOOK tablets, which Boucherle says will enable “high quality image viewing in a bigger format and at a reasonable cost.”

The entire entry can be read at:

2012 was a year of innovation for MobileCamViewer beyond expansion to mobile tablets, including Microsoft Surface.  The company has also added several enterprise-class features while retaining the product’s trademark ease of use, including Playback for remote DVR video rewinding. The company also added Pole-Cam for cloud-based video multiplexing to reduce bandwidth, allowing multiple users to view the same camera.  mobiDEOS also strengthened device management for security and business managers, and user security and content protection through HTTPS streaming.

“We very much appreciate Mr. Boucherle’s recognition of MobileCamViewer as a progressive technology, along with our efforts to bring mobile surveillance to more users,” said Sri L. Palasamudram, CEO of mobiDEOS.  “It’s clear to us that more businesses, agencies and operations are looking to integrate mobile surveillance and remote monitoring into their security plans, and we intend to continue our progress toward making the technology a reality for almost every budget.”

MobileCamViewer offers secure, reliable carrier-grade cell phone-based video surveillance and remote monitoring solutions, providing “anytime, anywhere” mobile video surveillance for virtually every situation.  Its compatibility across many smart phones, tablets, cameras, DVRs, NVRs and video servers — as well as simple integration with PC and MAC-based iOS systems — enables MobileCamViewer to comply with both new and existing network infrastructures.  The basic MobileCamViewer application is free, with incremental costs for premium service users.

Date posted: November 29, 2012

MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA, November 29, 2012 — Phillip Frandler, principal at CIF Property Management, manages over 450 commercial and residential units, but when security issues plagued his personal residence he installed the MobileCamViewer application from mobiDEOS to be a click away from his home.

Phillip was already looking into mobile surveillance technology when an unhappy, now former tenant vandalized his property following a lease-breaking incident issue that involved pet ownership.  The tenant was arrested following the episode, but Phillip knew he had to make a quick, intelligent decision to ensure his family’s safety.  He chose MobileCamViewer because of its general ease of use.

“It’s click and view,” says Phillip. “I use the application on my iPhone and iPad, and have peace of mind that everything is fine in seconds.”

The MobileCamViewer application helps Frandler and other residential users remotely monitor their properties, accessing their cameras and DVRs from phones and tablets within seconds.

Phillip also uses the application to keep an eye on vendors coming and going at his home.  He uses multiple services that bill him at an hourly rate, and was recently overbilled by a cleaning service.  The evidence captured using MobileCamViewer influenced him to quickly replace them, and he monitors the new company more closely to ensure they spend the correct amount of time at his home.

Phillip hopes to expand his use of MobileCamViewer by integrating the application with cameras at some of his other properties, specifically his commercial units.

“Commercial properties usually have problems with trespassing, vandalism and dumping,” he said.  “By using this application at those properties, it will allow me to cut down on the amount of times I need to pass the property to make sure everything is fine.  One quick look and I will be able to see if the garbage was not picked up, or if the landscaping is acceptable.”

Phillip expects that integration with a DVR will also help him capture license plate numbers of property intruders so he can report them to authorities. MobileCamViewer offers a snapshot feature, where the user can take a single image or a series of images from a particular camera for reference while remotely monitoring locations.

MobileCamViewer offers secure, reliable carrier-grade cell phone-based video surveillance and remote monitoring solutions, providing “anytime, anywhere” mobile video surveillance for virtually every situation.  Its compatibility across many smartphones, tablets, cameras, DVRs, NVRs and video servers — as well as simple integration with PC and MAC-based iOS systems — enables MobileCamViewer to comply with both new and existing network infrastructures.  The basic MobileCamViewer application is free, with incremental costs for premium service users.

Date posted: October 30, 2012

Complete solution enables centralized remote control and monitoring for multiple store locations

Barix AG is helping Goodwill Industries of East Texas reduce theft and vandalism at its stores by adding voice to its existing video surveillance systems.  The security team reports a 99 percent donation retention since installing Barix two-way IP audio and monitoring solutions at three locations, with plans to roll out the technology across all 15 regional stores.

The non-profit stores provide low-cost, high-quality items to customers, and regularly accept donations at all locations.  The company has long used a closed-circuit television network to monitor and record visitors as they drop off donations at store exteriors  — and capture evidence of criminal activity.   They recently began looking at ways to communicate directly with visitors when necessary.

Since adding Barix IP audio to its surveillance system, Goodwill Industries of East Texas has significantly reduced theft at donation drop-offs – to the tune of a 99% retention rate.

“We have always done live video monitoring for after-hours donations at our stores, but have experienced a lot of theft over the past year,” said Chris Ryter, loss prevention and safety manager for Goodwill Industries of East Texas.  “I had this idea that the thefts would stop or subside if we could communicate with subjects, let them know they are being recorded, and warn them to leave the property before we call the police.  And we have had a significant reduction in theft and vandalism since adding Barix.”

Ryter was looking for an IP-based audio solution that could complement his CCTV system but operate independently with low overhead costs.  He also required a solution that offered centralized monitoring, simple installation and a quick learning curve with overall ease of use.  He opted for Barix Annuncicom 200 two-way IP audio devices for public address, and Barix ICGraph software for centralized remote device control and location monitoring.

Ryter noted that the Annuncicom 200 design simplifies installation through Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability, offering a single connection to a network switch and loudspeaker.  Furthermore, an integrated amplifier reduces equipment costs and infrastructure, with plenty of power to drive intelligible human voice at store exteriors.

But he stressed that ICGraph was the key driver of the system, offering a series of 36 customizable buttons that allow security personnel to target announcements to one or more locations with a simple mouse click.

Chris Ryter (at left) and staff report that the audio element puts the “scare” into would-be thieves.

“We have spent about a quarter of a million on video equipment, and while it has given us a good return the addition of Annuncicom and ICGraph has changed the game,” said Ryter.  “Letting people know that there is someone on the other end of these cameras and monitoring the situation makes all the difference.  Barix was also the only company that could offer us an audio solution that wouldn’t interfere with our video system, or otherwise cost us additional money for rental and monitoring fees.  We’re saving at least $30,000 in comparison to other solutions we looked at, and based on early success we estimate a potential savings of $16,000 a week by stopping the nighttime donation theft at our stores.”

Ryter confirms that he has been “greenlighted” to expand the solution to all 15 stores, and potentially to administration and warehouse buildings as needed.  He is also looking into how to utilize the return channel of the Annuncicom 200 for audio recording in compliance with federal laws.

“Barix specializes in bringing the ‘ears’ and the ‘mouth’ to go with the ‘eyes’ in professional surveillance solutions,” said Johannes G. Rietschel, CEO and founder of Barix AG.  “Barix is capable of directly integrating audio capabilities into video systems, or providing low-cost solutions for customers like Goodwill Industries of East Texas that wish to use audio solutions autonomously.  The common goal is helping our customers better communicate with subjects, from general public address and intercom capability to reducing or eliminating criminal activity through alarms and verbal warnings.”

Date posted: October 29, 2012

MobileCamViewer application from mobiDEOS accelerates return on investment for company

Phoenix-based company Dolphin Precision Investment Castings produces a variety of products for aerospace, military, medical, petrochemical and other industries.  The sheer volume of product manufacturing, shipments and deliveries across the 13-acre, multi-building campus makes around-the-clock security and surveillance a requirement.

The company’s castings are based on alloys formed using aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, bronze and other expensive metals.  Its campus-wide security system now covers everything from access control to perimeter detection to protect their interests — with MobileCamViewer software from mobiDEOS fulfilling all mobile surveillance and remote monitoring needs.

“We are protecting metal alloys for our foundry that are quite expensive, and then we have computer systems, phone systems, a maintenance department and physical plant equipment spread over eight buildings,” said Kris Richins, facilities manager and engineer for Dolphin Precision Investment Castings.  “So intrusion detection and prevention is very important.”

The loading dock at Building 1 on the Dolphin Investment Campus is one of many locations to integrate mobile surveillance into its fixed security system.

The company recently cancelled a physical on-site guard contract in favor of the multi-faceted security system, which includes a fixed IC Real Time solution (16 cameras and a DVR) at its core.  IC Real Time recommended that Dolphin add MobileCamViewer for remote monitoring during non-business hours to further reduce costs and expedite return on investment.

Richins notes that MobileCamViewer brings value by allowing his team to quickly evaluate potential security situations and decide whether to call police.  The fixed security solution triggers one or two false alarms per month due to high winds, dust storms and flying birds picked up through motion activation sensors.  The police department charge approximately $85 per false alarm, and the expenses can quickly mount.

“MobileCamViewer allows us to remotely check our cameras over our iPhone and Androids when we are contacted by the alarm company,” said Richins.  “We can immediately confirm if there is enough evidence to call the police without having to be near a computer with an internet connection.  With an average distance of 18 miles from our homes to the campus we are also eliminating many back and forth trips for no reason.  Adding MobileCamViewer to the system has essentially allowed us to achieve return on investment within six months of the installation.”

Richins adds that their fixed cameras are positioned indoors and outdoors, focused on employee turnstiles, lobbies, loading docks, parking lots and general building perimeters.  This allows them to get a view of everything that is happening throughout the most heavily trafficked campus areas, including breezeways between buildings.

“Mobile surveillance is very valuable in a campus setting with a lot of exposed areas in and around the buildings,” said Richins.  “The cameras themselves offer a visual deterrent, but the signage that points to around-the-clock monitoring through remote surveillance goes a long way.  I think it’s a very critical component of modern security systems.”

Date posted: September 4, 2012

Demonstration to emphasize significance of audio integration into IP video systems for life safety and security

Barix AG, a pioneer in IP-based audio, intercom, control, and monitoring, will exhibit at ASIS International (September 10-13, Philadelphia Convention Center) for the first time – bringing its range of IP audio and control solutions to the professional security end user.

Barix will exhibit within the Milestone Systems booth (#3126), underlining the increasing significance of audio in surveillance operations, and the importance of improving audio quality and flexibility of distribution for live paging and public address.

“Security professionals have realized that video is no longer enough,” said Johannes G. Rietschel, CEO and founder of Barix AG.  “Human beings have ears and a mouth to go with the eyes, and there is a clear advantage when all three of these senses are used in surveillance and other security-related applications.  The ability to cleanly integrate high-quality audio and video over a common IP network delivers cost savings and greatly simplifies installation for the user.”

Many video-centric security industry vendors have already integrated Barix audio over IP into their solutions, including industry leaders such as Milestone Systems.  Milestone integrates Barix Exstreamer one-way and Annuncicom two-way IP audio devices into Milestone XProtect IP video management software to support paging and public address (one-way); and audio surveillance and intercom (two-way).  Milestone also supports Barix Barionet IP control devices within its XProtect software to bridge physical device and software layers, effectively triggering camera movements and activating video recording based on motion, lights, doorbells and other events.

The low-cost Barix Annuncicom 60 two-way audio device for surveillance, public address and intercom among other applications.

Barix will show its latest IP audio and control devices on the Milestone booth, including the Annuncicom 60 introduced this June and being shown to security audiences for the first time.  The Annuncicom 60 is a low-cost IP audio device that serves as a gateway between VoIP, IP paging and intercom systems, and traditional components including call boxes, loudspeakers and microphones.  The device offers plenty of flexibility, with operators able to issue verbal warnings or instructions to people under surveillance; or to communicate with callers at an SOS help point, for example.

Barix will also demonstrate how its latest Exstreamer audio output devices with Power over Ethernet (PoE) and built-in amplification can help end users consolidate and minimize technology components at end points — simplifying infrastructure and reducing deployment costs while offering very high audio quality for voice clarity.

Marcel van der Meijs, vice president of sales and marketing for Barix, will offer a presentation on Barix integration to XProtect at 11am, Wednesday, September 12 at the Milestone booth.  Attendees will learn how IP audio can help security personnel more effectively draw attention to criminals, monitor activity and communicate, reliably trigger video recordings and alarms, and even deliver background music over the same network — with priority interruptions for page messages, warnings and security announcements.

“There is no limit to the benefits that audio can bring to video-centric security systems,” said van der Meijs.  “The ability to talk back to a location in a city surveillance project, for example, can easily prevent a crime from taking place.  And the ability to trigger lights and video in dark areas based on audio events can offer security personnel a clear picture into what is happening.  Meanwhile, gunshots, screams and other emergency situations captured by these devices can automatically trigger alarms for immediate attention from monitoring centers.  These are all important benefits that can make a real difference.”


Date posted: August 20, 2012

Company launches new apps for Kindle Fire, Nook and iPad3 users as larger screens, higher resolutions bring new surveillance benefits to tablet users

Leading video surveillance and remote monitoring company mobiDEOS Inc. is bringing its MobileCamViewer mobile surveillance application to new consumer tablet devices as the rising technology catches on with more users.

mobiDEOS was among the first companies to bring mobile surveillance to tablet users, launching MobileCamViewer for the iPad and Android tablets over the past several years.  The company is now among the first to offer the technology to the Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet – bringing mobile surveillance technology to a quickly growing number of “budget tablet” users.

mobiDEOS also now offers MobileCamViewer to the New iPad (iPad3) for customers that want the improved processing and resolution over previous generation iPad tablets.   The new apps are available in the respective App Stores for each device.

“The number of global tablet shipments for the second quarter of 2012 is approximated at 25 million devices — an increase of about 66 percent from the same quarter in 2011 according to a recent IDC industry analyst report,” said Sri L. Palasamudram, CEO of mobiDEOS.  “This growth correlates with the feedback we hear from our customers, who are increasingly using tablets to view their cameras, DVRs and NVRs from MobileCamViewer.  The benefits of larger screen sizes and better video quality are catching on, and it’s important that our customers have the option to use their preferred devices.”

MobileCamViewer offers mobile surveillance applications across most mobile consumer devices – most recently increasing its Tablet penetration via Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet and iPad 3

Palasamudram estimates that between one-third and one-half of all MobileCamViewer customers now use the application on tablets, reinforcing the need to not limit users to certain devices.  The availability of MobileCamViewer on Kindle Fire, NOOK, iPad and Android tablets — with BlackBerry PlayBook to soon follow — essentially gives customers the freedom to access their fixed security components from their preferred tablets.  A homeowner who purchases the NOOK Tablet as an e-reader no longer has to buy a second higher-price tablet to remotely monitor cameras installed at his or her house, for example.

More importantly, the tablet gives customers a potentially higher quality option to remotely monitor activity in almost any situation, especially where there is a strong Wi-Fi connection.  The best parallel for using MobileCamViewer across various mobile and computing platforms is “Cellular: Wi-Fi: Ethernet :: Phone: Tablet: PC/Mac.”  Hence the well-defined space for the tablet in mobile surveillance, offering tremendous productivity for everything from personal to business and government usage.

“The tablet occupies that space where the user is mobile but not ‘on the move,’ where the smart phone and the convenience of 3G and 4G connectivity is still king,” he said.  “Many of our tablet users prefer these devices to the desktop or laptop even when in a fixed location, as they offer far quicker login times and tremendous ease of use.  This is especially important in situations where users need to make quick decisions in response to unusual activity or a security event.”

MobileCamViewer customers range from homeowners and property managers to business owners and law enforcement agencies.  Palasamudram adds that his company’s support for all these devices also helps manufacturers of IP security cameras, DVRs and NVRs that are concerned with keeping up with the variety of devices, and device versions, on the market.

“MobileCamViewer has the cloud-based technology at its backbone to support all of these tablets, which takes pressure off of hardware manufacturers when it comes to mobile surveillance,” said Palasamudram.  “The customers, manufacturers and integrators we work with today are less concerned about keeping up with the evolving nature of tablets and smart phones when it comes to mobile surveillance, as we seamlessly bridge the gap between hardware and the mobile device.  And we continue to explore more vendor relationships in the professional and residential security space to make that seamless connectivity a reality for more users.”

MobileCamViewer offers secure, reliable carrier-grade cell phone-based video surveillance and remote monitoring solutions, providing “anytime, anywhere” mobile video surveillance for virtually every situation.  Its compatibility across many smart phones, tablets, cameras, DVRs, NVRs and video servers — as well as simple integration with PC and MAC-based iOS systems — enables MobileCamViewer to comply with both new and existing network infrastructures.  The basic MobileCamViewer application is free, with incremental costs for premium service users.

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