“He hits the ground running. Brian Galante of Dimension PR is a very quick study. Given our promotional materials, specifications and contacts to speak to he quickly turned around a press release that demonstrated a complete understanding of the product and its benefits to our customers. It was also the first press release I ever received that seemed perfect just the way it was. Brian went on to draft many releases and customer profiles, and was equally successful at getting them placed in strategic publications.  Brian is a real Pro.”

-Steve Isralesky
Tightrope Media Systems

“In the simplest terms, Brian Galante gets it. He understands what our business needs and how to deliver on-time results.

I can be tough on agency PR pros – since I used to be one myself – but Brian’s results leave little to critique. Combining a proactive approach with excellent writing skills and a remarkable insider knowledge of the broadcast industry, Brian seemingly runs down every media opportunity in North America.

Cool under pressure and top quality work, all completed with a sense of humor, Brian is a pro you can trust to get the job done.”

- Brian Clifford
Marketing Communications Manager
Harris Broadcast Communications

“Dimension PR — Brian Galante — is a cornerstone of our PR activities. His writing style is exceptional and press releases come through with Swiss precision. Where would we be without Brian? I only hope this testimonial is not read by too many people, so we can keep Brian’s very personal and top service for a long time to come.”

- Johannes G. Rietschel
CEO and Founder

“Working with Brian over the years has helped my understanding of the PR process as his level of involvement per project has ranged from all-in to limited guidance and wordsmithing, depending on what gaps our organization has in presenting itself to the world. Brian has worked in a loyal and dedicated way with us on services that not only fit our PR budget, but fit into our team as an extension of our company when needed. I have never had a time when I needed to speak with him and he was not responsive, supportive and creative.”

- Jonathan Speaker

“When it comes to getting your message across, Brian Galante is the guy. He has worked both sides of the editorial fence so he knows what we editors are looking for in your communication efforts – namely, quick answers to our questions; clean uncluttered copy in your marketing material; and, most important, content that really matters to our readers.”

- Paul McLane
Editorial Director at NewBay Media
Radio World Editor-in-Chief

“Brian’s a master of steady, productive media outreach. He knows the industry, knows the players, and has a gift for connecting our most challenging projects with media (and their readers) who want to read about them.”

- Karl von Kries

“Brian wrote many stories while I was working with him at Harris and I always found him full of great ideas and very responsive to requests as well as timely. He always made deadlines. His knowledge of the industry is deep which made working with him in a complex area quite easy. I highly recommend Brian for any writing or PR projects.”

- Hal Kneller
Regional Sales Manager

“Brian’s knowledge of the industry and specifically the business lines he represents sets him apart. His ability to find and help place editorial in great publications provides exceptional value for his clients. I recommend Brian to represent your interests because of his attention to detail, ability to see exceptional stories, and his relationships in the industry.”

- Ethan Whaley
Marketing & Internet Projects Director
Mankin Media Systems

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